To the Greeks, the triangle is seen as the delta glyph and is symbolic of a doorway. And what immediately comes to mind is the reference to Christ who stands at the door of our hearts and knocks. To the greeks it revisits the combination of polarities to push out a new opening. For example, the balance of Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf, and our acceptance of this gift, is the doorway to our renewed relationship with God (the hypotenuse).


The greek Delta glyph in this configuration symbolises earth. It represents “God come down.” Typically, we see the triangle in an upward configuration (Egyptian symbology) which actually illustrates mans attempts to approach God through his own strife. The triangle point downwards with a line striking through, represents the love of God. As God, came to us, taking the form of a may and taking our punishment upon himself. 


The Delta symbol in this configuration symbolises water. Water in this case has a two fold meaning. One is that it is the symbol of purification/baptism. The other is the way it represents Mumbai. Water is all around us. Marine drive, Carter Road, the Sea Link, the port and all its commerce and the reclaimed land which combines Mumbai’s seven islands is what makes Mumbai unlike any other city in India. 


The final component is community. A core value and culture of C3. God in three persons is representative of community , and so the three triangles, styles like the Celtic linkages, is a perfect symbolic representation of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit, community and interdependent connectivity.