Let me tell you about my life,
In all my strength and all my strife
Waiting for the miracle in-front
Not realising that I can be the blessing that I want

Now ..
I never knew a love like this,
But he waited for me, like he always did.

He leaves the 99 to bring that one home,
My friends he never leaves us alone.

And I told some people about him
But they said it’s not true,
“Why would he leave everyone for you?’
Nah its not just me I said,
He loves you just the same,
But I know this all sounds a little insane.
So I stopped waiting for the light to come
and I became the light like he would want.

I’m following the steps that he’s put in-front of me,
I’m turning into the person that i was always supposed to be.

My friend what if I told you
that you are so so loved,
It’s not coming from me
It’s coming from up above,
I don’t think I ever knew a love like this could exist,
there never ever gonna be a love like this.

Nothing compares
Nothing ever will.

Just let your faith guide you
Just be still.

The seeds you plant today my friend
Is the flower you become the end.

I know you didn’t ask for no advice
Don’t worry I’m not telling you twice,
In good in bad, atrocity,
He’ll come for you, like he came for me.

And I promise you he won’t disappoint,
He chooses the ones that he can anoint.

You wanna know a secret? …

You won’t ever be the same…

I was once blind now I see

I’m born again.

This poem was read by Anisa Butt at C3 Mumbai on Sunday, 4 November 2018, an first appears on Anisa’s personal website here.